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SmartBean Box Content

SmartBeans provides highly visual, approachable and engaging curriculum-based & creative exercises that can either be explored with the help of a parent / educator or independently by the child.

* Worksheets in each box are designed in a step-by-step manner, to be completed little and often.

Anchor 1
Remember, babies are born learners, and your simple, everyday engagement will help develop a bond of love and trust. 
Learning happens best when caring adults work with the child, have loving relationships, and explore the world together in ways that are interesting and fun. 
AGES 0-2

Content for children ages 0-2 does not include worksheets. The focus is more on their physical, social, and emotional development. SmartBeans has carefully curated a selection of books, simple toys and other material to support the development of this age group. 


SmartBeans recognizes that parenting an infant comes more easily to some than to others. Each monthly box will also contain guides, tips and resources to help parents engage their child with everyday meaningful questions and playful interactions exploring baby- and infant-focused cognitive games, such as those that encourage sorting, counting, and cause and effect understanding. 

These games are can be as simple as counting objects in everyday life, such as when you are building a tower or laying out crackers for a snack. Pointing to each item as you count will support your child’s understanding of 1-1 correspondence (knowing that each item is a discrete unit). Or, sing counting songs and act-out songs to further enhance learning!

Anchor 2
AGES 3-4

Reading & Writing


Letter Knowledge

  • Recognizing uppercase & lowercase letters

  • Writing uppercase & lowercase letters A-Z

  • Tracing words

Alphabet Sequence

  • Dot-to-Dot ABC


Early Writing​

  • Tracing Geometric Shapes



Phonological Awareness​

-- Tongue twisters


Word Recognition​ & Meaning

  • Read Rebus Stories

  • Match word with picture

Math Worksheets

Number Sense

  • Counting numbers 1-100 

  • Identifying numbers

-- color by number

  • Writing numbers 1-100

  • Ordering numbers

-- dot-to-dot

(1-42 by 12-month end)

  • Identify odd & even numbers​

  • Counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s



  • Comparing 2D shapes

  • Shape Patterns

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